Chat Connect

Don’t tell online shoppers “I’ll get back to you later.” Connect in real time—wherever they find you—and help move them toward decisions that much faster with powerful, industry-focused auto dealer chat software built into our mobile messaging platform!

  • Presence Aware

    Our smart system automatically detects availability, enabling live chat only when agents are available (but consumers can always leave a message).

  • Network Access

    Use 1 platform to chat on dealer websites, mobile sites, emails, digital ads, Facebook (even same-account access to chats from advertising search sites).

  • Mobile Flexibility

    Shift seamlessly between desktop and personal mobile devices during a chat, allowing agents to receive, respond and continue conversations on the go.

  • One-Click Shortcuts

    Increase speed and efficiency in live chat responses with customizable, prewritten statements or questions.

  • Lead Management

    Ensure that every conversation and customer is tracked and recorded with automated lead routing to your CRM or other lead management system.

  • Visitor Details

    Better assist customers during chats with access to their behavioral and geo-location data, details on how often they’ve visited, pages viewed, etc.

  • Stream Live Video

    Enhance the shopping experience by streaming a live video of the vehicle of interest directly in the chat window.

  • Customized for You

    Deliver a seamless look with chat graphics that match your brand (and include images of your team). Use our design library, or ask about options.

  • Real-Time Translate

    It’s translation at your fingertips! You write in one language, our smart system translates to the language of your customer.

Auto Dealer Chat Software

Designed specifically for the auto industry, Contact At Once!’s auto dealer chat software also offers: Established networks among busy advertising search sites (,, etc.); OEM relationships to expand your network (and use co-op dollars); turnkey integration with automotive services to increase effectiveness (eLEND, PureCars, etc.); and trained pros to chat on your behalf as needed.

And remember: This automotive chat software is only one component of our all-in-one digital messaging solution for you!

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Property Chat Software

Our property management chat team focuses on enabling real-time, on-screen help the moment prospects want it. Whether mobile or desktop, consumers can instantly message your community, and you can quickly qualify them, provide details, stream videos, schedule tours and more. Plus, our managed chat options provide you with pros trained to help you gather leads and qualify prospects even when your team is busy managing other aspects of your community!

And remember: This property chat software is only one component of our all-in-one digital messaging solution for you.

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Real Estate Chat Software

With our real estate chat software, prospective homebuyers have an easy, instantaneous way to ask questions and learn more about your communities and available homes as they research...even on Zillow! Your team can interact just as easily, no matter where they are, to qualify and move those potential buyers through the process. Plus, our trained pros can help you gather leads through chat conversations after hours or when your team is busy.

And remember: This real estate live chat software is only one component of our all-in-one digital messaging solution for you.

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