A Better Way to Manage Your Mobile Messaging

This all-in-one mobile messaging platform puts your team in direct conversation with consumers wherever they’re searching, anytime they need you, no matter the device they’re using. And your team can respond on any of their devices with full control, rich analytics, and the backup they need to be instantly available.

Dealer Chat

Live dealer chat enables your team to be there with real-time, on-screen help the moment car shoppers want it. Whether mobile or desktop, shoppers can instantly message a team member to get the answers they need to make decisions...like coming into your dealership.

Dealer Text

Let shoppers start dealer text conversations almost anywhere your inventory is listed, and empower your team to answer from any device...even record and text videos! This platform supports the latest in compliance assistance (with privacy regulations like TCPA), lead routing and secure, trackable mobile answering.


Today’s car shoppers don’t keep regular business hours, but no worries. Our mobile messaging solutions help your dealership be there, ready to help whenever customers reach out. From mobile apps so your team can respond at home to a team of messaging professionals to answer on your behalf (up to 24/7), we’ll make sure you don’t miss an opportunity.


Dealership websites, mobile sites, OEM sites, emails, third-party ad listings, banner ads, landing pages, social media...wherever shoppers find you, they can chat or text with you. Even better? Your team receives and responds to all those sales conversations through a single app!

Every Device

Shoppers can message you no matter the device they’re using to research (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and your team can respond just as seamlessly, no matter the device they’re using! Contact At Once!’s mobile and desktop apps make these instant connections possible...even if you need to switch from desktop to smartphone mid-conversation.

Professional Messaging Experts

Team too busy to answer all those car shoppers’ chat or text messages? We’ve got your back with up to 24/7 coverage! Answer when you can; we’ll respond when you can’t. Our highly trained team of customer care professionals specialize in mobile messaging, so consumers will get the service and immediate attention they want...and you never have to miss a conversation.

Full Control

With built-in permission-based rules, automatic opt-outs, tracking, CRM integration and conversation transcripts, your dealership can access every contact, every message and more. Whether you need help with compliance management (like for the Telephone Consumer Protection Act) or quality assurance, we’ve got your back. And we already integrate with most leading industry CRM systems!

Rich Analytics

Make your every engagement smarter, more relevant and more likely to convert a browser into a buyer. From chat and text performance reports to intelligent targeting and live visitor tracking, Contact At Once!’s rich analytics can help your team enrich customers’ experiences and pinpoint improvement opportunities.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Nathan Quayle

Group Marketing Manager, Fords of Winsford

"I can see why Contact At Once! remains the number one digital messaging supplier, and would recommend it to any dealer. We use the Contact At Once! platform on our own website and two of our top classifieds sites, AutoTrader and Motors.co.uk, giving us a seamless live chat facility no matter where our customer is carrying out their research. Live chat has definitely increased our online interactions, which help people through their research and online buying journey. This, in turn, sends them down the buying funnel with a higher chance of us converting them into an appointment and sale. We also recently added text, Facebook Messenger and Google AdWords integrations because our ambition is to be contactable for any customer, however they feel the most comfortable, at any time of day or night!"

Wade Patrick

President, Marietta Sportscar Co.

"I am thankful that when I decided to move into the current communications era and start working with chat and text messaging, luck brought me into contact with a rep at Contact At Once! They have provided excellent service and shown extreme patience in teaching my predominantly "older" staff to operate and embrace these tools. My employees seem to be unusually resistant to anything new, but they had us chatting with prospects and selling cars in short order."

Ryan Mays

BDC Manager for Cadillac of Mahwah, Buick GMC of Mahwah & Hawthorne Chevrolet

“We can attribute at least 10-15% BDC sales/month directly to Contact At Once!, and a lot of them are opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise get. We even had a shopper text in about a car while on a competitor’s lot...and were able to win his business!