Enterprise live chat software & text messaging
built with your needs in mind.

Whatever your mobile messaging needs—from embedding two-way communications in ads to a creating a consistent presence across a brand or dealer network—our enterprise-level features were built to help our most unique customers.



When juggling more than one location, managing all the moving parts of a consistently great customer experience is difficult. That’s why large dealer groups use our mobile messaging platform...with robust CRM integration, easy maintenance and secure API access to data and analytics.

Our centralized enterprise management features also allow companies to:

  • Set up a secure, brand-compliant mobile messaging network across all their offices and websites.
  • Instantly transfer live conversations to the location of interest (eliminating the “we’ll have someone get back to you�? conversion killer).
  • Manage and track messaging performance across all offices and websites from a single portal, with visibility at all desired levels.

From Hendrick to Sonic Automotive Group, Contact At Once! is accustomed to working with (and scaling with) enterprises across industries.

"We needed a chat product that could be implemented consistently across more than 100 dealership websites, while allowing centralized management of the chat experience and metrics. Contact At Once! provides the functionality we required, along with the expertise of having implemented chat for large dealer groups."

Rachel Richards

Vice President of Retail Strategy & Business Applications, Sonic Automotive

Advertising Providers

Advertising Providers

Advertising sites and search providers rely on turning website visitors into conversions for their advertisers (automotive, cycle, RV dealers, etc.). Contact At Once! enterprise live chat and text messaging can increase such lead conversions by 20% or more! How?

Our patented platform provides the shared infrastructure required to enable two-way communications within ads at scale. In other words, our live chat software and text messaging solutions easily embed into advertising sites, helping shoppers instantly connect and converse with the advertiser of interest.

Some of the most highly trafficked search sites like AutoTrader.com and Cars.com have licensed our mobile messaging solution and bundled it with their ad packages.

"RV Trader is continuously looking for ways to assist customers in achieving the highest number of leads possible while building rapport with potential buyers. We are confident that live chat will help provide the marketing edge that dealers seek and establish a competitive advantage for them."

Tim Custer

General Manager, RV Trader

Website Provider

Website Providers

Website providers want to help their customers increase leads and conversions with their amazing websites and apps. But most site visitors leave without saying a word. To convert more to leads, many website providers turn to Contact At Once!, building our messaging software directly into the sites they create...enabling instant, interactive connections between their merchant customers and consumers.

When our live chat and text messaging platform is embedded in a website, it’s easier for everyone involved to implement and support if the customer so chooses. Website leads historically increase, which makes our mutual customers even happier with their website provider’s services. And it all starts by building in the best mobile messaging platform.

From Dealer.com to CDK Global and more, we work with leading website providers to bring our enterprise live chat and text messaging software platform to customers of any size.

"This partnership will deliver a comprehensive set of data in our analytics tool and ultimately help us empower our customers to take advantage of interactive connections from all the places online shoppers are searching."

Rick Gibbs

President & CEO, Dealer.com



Auto manufacturers spend millions creating brand preference, but sales don’t close until car shoppers talk to one of your dealers. That’s why many OEMs use our mobile messaging platform to help shoppers interested in their brand(s) get instant information right when they want it.

Our centralized enterprise management features allow OEMs to set up a secure, brand-compliant messaging network across their entire Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 networks (or just the locations of choice), connecting serious buyers to local dealers in their moments of need. You can even manage and track this messaging performance across all these locations from a single portal, with visibility at OEM level, dealer level, etc. Add in secure API access to data and analytics, robust CRM integration and dedicated account managers, and you’ve got the mobile messaging platform built for you.

From Kia to Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, Contact At Once! is accustomed to working with (and connecting) automotive manufacturers’ Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 needs.

"We deployed the Contact At Once! chat program with our CPO dealerships in August. We couldn’t be happier with the results we’re seeing. In fact, chats now represent 30 percent of our leads to dealers."

Brad Beer

National Manager, CPO and Branded Contracts, Kia Motors America