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How to Manage Forms in the New Embedded Window

You have our new embedded window on your site. You’ve customized your chat & text engagements. You know what? It’s time to get acquainted with our new customized forms.

Now you can gather the information about the customer that YOU want to know…before or during the conversation.

There are 5 types of forms available

Take it On the Go – This form is used by the customer if they wish to continue the chat on their phone – and the chat will “magically” be converted to a text! Pretty cool, huh?

Email Transcript – Used by the customer if they’d like to have the transcript of the conversation emailed to them.

Offline Form – This displays if no agents are available to accept the conversation. Customers can leave their information so you can get back to them. It’s basically an answering machine without that annoying beep.

Pre-Chat Form– These display to the customer prior to routing the chat conversation to the agent. Here, you can ask for contact info before you begin speaking.

Pre-Text Form – These display to the customer prior to routing the text conversation to the agent.

Here’s what you can customize on these forms:

  • Customize form text: You can rename any of the fields (such as header, intro, disclaimer, buttons & questions)
  • Add or remove questions
  • Make questions mandatory
  • Reorder questions, disclaimer text or how buttons display

To manage a form:

  1. If you’re the Contact At Once! admin for your company, log into the Contact At Once! portal.
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab.
  3. Select “Chat Window” from the drop-down options.
  4. Scroll down to Menu Elements/Forms section
  5. Find your desired form and click “Edit”. You can also preview how it looks.

It’s that easy to customize forms that will display to the consumer without the need to re-deploy code on your website.

Those are the basics. If you’d like to dive a little deeper, click here to check out our Forms Management page for step-by-step instructions. And don’t forget, you have a whole team of support people that you can count on if you need help.

Written by: Michelle Young on January 25 2018