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Lincoln Property Company’s Marketing Partner of the Month


You might have heard the news (we’re shamelessly proud of it): Lincoln Property Company (LPC) chose Contact At Once! as their April 2016 Marketing Partner of the Month!

We’re beyond honored to receive this recognition from the second largest multifamily manager in the U.S. And it got us thinking: Why would a mobile messaging company be recognized as a marketing partner? While it’s not surprising in today’s always-connected world, here are three more reasons messaging is vital not just in marketing, but in property management as a whole:

The Right Fit

LPC has a strong commitment to communication and being “a company for your lifestyle,” as they say to prospective residents on their website. So what better way to fit consumers’ mobile lifestyle than offering the flexibility to communicate with property management the way they prefer to interact with friends: via text or chat?

Contact At Once! enables these personal connections, making it easy for consumers to get questions answered wherever they are AND for LPC teams to qualify, follow up and nurture them through the leasing process.

The Right Results

That ease of use reminds me of a quote from Mark Cuban: “Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.” And it seems to hold true for multifamily leasing as well, based on a 60-day analysis of communities before and after adding Contact At Once! messaging:

  • One LPC community saw a 164% increase in leases (with only a 38% increase in website traffic).
  • Another was able to increase leases almost 46%…even during a slow November-December stretch where web traffic declined 14%.

Were those results due just to mobile messaging? Maybe not, but messaging’s fast convenience can boost overall interactions, which means more chances to influence leasing decisions!

The Right Consumer Experience

This all adds up to a streamlined, at-your-attention, mobile-focused experience. At Contact At Once!, we believe that if you can be there, ready to help in all the moments that matter to a consumer—whether prospect or resident—you’re going to increase loyalty. Such availability and responsiveness are vital to the customer experience today, which has been called the new “battleground” for business.

LPC lives and breathes that sort of experience, and we’re so proud to be a partner in it!

Check out our recent interview with Sheri Killingsworth, Lincoln’s VP of Marketing & Communications.

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on April 27 2016