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How to Easily Tell Where a Consumer Is Messaging From

Do you use Contact At Once! in multiple locations? From your site to third-party search/shopping sites (Autotrader, and the like), Google My Business, Facebook Marketplace/Messenger and more, we can help you message with shoppers in all those places.

Not only is it easy to receive and respond to those conversations—all through the same Contact At Once! app!—it’s also easy to tell which shoppers found you where.

There are a couple of ways to see where an incoming message originated:

  • When the message comes in – If the message comes from a third-party site (like Autotrader or Facebook), the logo of the site will appear in the answering app. On the desktop app, the logo will be in the top left hand portion of the chat/text window. In the mobile app, the logo shows in the header of the conversation. Note: If the message originates from your company site, your agents will see the Contact At Once! logo instead.
  • During a chat conversation – Your agents can see the exact origination URL of a chat conversation by clicking the “Origination URL” option in the chat window (in the mobile app, this option is part of the menu). Note: This doesn’t apply to texts.
  • After the conversation – Depending on the type of message it is, admins can see the name or logo of the source site in the Chat Conversation Details report (shows in the “Publisher” column), Mobile Text Connect Details report (shows in the “Site” column) or Messaging Details report (shows in the “App Site” column).

Knowing where people messaged you from can be helpful in a variety of ways:

For example, you could better guide the conversation from the get-go if you see that a shopper sent in the question via Facebook vs. a classifieds site vs. your own site. Going the extra step to view the origination URL helps you seem more knowledgeable to the shopper (without them having to confirm where they are). And reviewing the reports can help your company tell which advertising sources are bringing in the most conversations!

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Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on November 10 2017