Mobile Text Connect

Make it more convenient for shoppers to connect (and your team to follow up) with text: Flexibility and control, ease of use and security. It’s possible with Mobile Text Connect, the SMS piece of our mobile messaging platform!

  • Unique Number

    Use and advertise a unique text-enabled number that only you’ll receive, generated by Mobile Text Connect.

  • Record & Text Video

    Enhance customers’ experiences by recording and texting personalized videos to them (of the vehicle or feature they’re interested in, for example).

  • Opt-in / Opt-out Control

    More effectively manage compliance with privacy regulations, from automated opt-ins to preventing your team from texting with those who’ve opted out.

  • Answer From Any Device

    Use this secure, trackable solution to text from a desktop or mobile device (without sharing personal numbers); you can even transfer conversations from device to device.

  • Secure Network

    All mobile texts are sent via secured channels, and all data is hosted, accessed and managed through the secure, private Contact At Once! platform.

  • Presence Aware

    Allow consumers to text you whenever they wish...or only offer that option when your team is able to respond instantly.